I want to get a hat!

My family has`t big trouble, when they are buying presents for me. I have got birthday in November. But I` am sure, that they already bought something for me, or, at least, they know, what they will buy.

I always want same type of gift: hats. This year I would love to get beautiful, green, hunting trilby, which I found in the web.  I made some “suggestions” for my family, so, with a little bit of luck, I will get this trilby very soon. If not, I won`t be very disappointed, because they always make a very nice, small party, only for family members.

hunting hats


Well, as you can see, this trilby is astonishing. I am not very best hunter, but I do so it from times to times, with my friend. I think it would be great for this events.

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